In the fall of 2015 I decided to purchase a home. I asked Jodi to help me with the purchase as she knows the area very well. Of course my decision to purchase a home coincided with an amazing boom in home sales and increasing prices. My purchase price was on the low side, so it was challenging to find the right home at a price I could afford. I would guess that Jodi and I looked at over 40 homes by the time I found the one I purchased. As anyone would know, this is a time consuming, frustrating process. At times I was about to give up. But Jodi never showed signs of impatience or frustration. She fully understood my financial constraints and what I wanted in a home. It took about two and a half months to find my new home in Loveland and I am very happy we took the time to find something I really liked. I would highly recommend Jodi for your real estate needs.