The Heartbeat of Longmont

Established in 1870 by a group of men from Chicago who named it “The Chicago-Colorado Colony”, Chicago-Colorado Colony was on its way into the History Books and on its way to becoming the great city it is today.  In 1871 Chicago-Colorado Colony was named Longmont in honor of the prominent Mountain to the west known today as Longs Peak.  The city has a History of Thriving agricultural and economic development and success.  This town has consistently been a city for families to live and grow in to this very day.

Longmont has a population of just over 90,000 and is Home to several fortune 500 companies and a growing population of small business owners.  Longmont continues to attract new businesses of scale and still cater to the small business owner and successfully putting families and the community first.  Longmont is also in between three College Communities with the closest being Colorado University of Boulder and also is home to Front Range Community College

In Longmont according to Zillow, Median Home Values as of 02/29/2016 are $308,300.00 up 18 percent year over year with a projected increase of 3.8 percent within the next year.  This is great news for sellers and buyers alike.  For sellers this presents an opportunity to take advantage of rising home values and for buyers presents an opportunity to enjoy some modest short term projected gains.  With the average sale price in Longmont of just over $297,000.00 Longmont is still an affordable and vibrant community to buy into.

During the Stock Market Collapse of 2008 and nationwide mortgage and real estate collapse Longmont remained relatively unharmed with a minimal amount of foreclosures compared to other areas of the state.  Longmont has a wide variety of developments and neighborhoods to choose from.  Three Golfing Communities, several Senior Living Communities, New Developments and seasoned areas including our Famous Old Town Longmont perfect for new families and provide ample neighborhood communities to choose from.

Longmont is a vibrant community rich in History, Culture, and Value.  Longmont currently enjoys one of the best school districts in the State, easy access to outdoor activities, and of course a rich nightlife and social scene.  Longmont Boasts over 7 breweries, 60 Restaurants, state of the art movie complex and easy shopping access both within the city limits and to other Malls which are just a short drive away.

One of the Top Craft breweries is headquartered in Longmont and Hosts numerous community events including the Famous Hops and Handrails every March.  Take a moment and stop by and visit our community.

© Jo Klimecki 2016